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Pool and decking in Helmdon

Project Cost : £ 10000 /-

Completed On : Jun, 2016

Duration : 1 Month

Type : Extensions

Quite a baron garden when we started. Old decking to one side and lots of unused space. The client had imported a jacuzzi/swimspa and we were hired to get it fitted.

Not an easy task as the ground was the wrong snap and there were manage ricks that needed breaking and moving. Once we had prepared the ground, we set some concrete as a foundation upon which to lay the pool when it arrived.

As the house was terraced it was complicated to get this 8 meter pool in, we had to gain access around the back through a farm, then cut holes in the fencing to get the lorry through before using a forklift and lots of men to unload if from the track, then a crane was used to lift it into place.

Once the pool was in place we started work on the decking. As the pool was at the bottom of slight hill we needed to create some steps up the hill with the decking. As kids were going to be running up and down the decking we needed to make sure it was extra sturdy, so we reinforced and put in double the usual recommended supports. We have created the perfect pool party space.