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Garage Conversion in Falcutt

Project Cost : £ 20000 /-

Completed On : May, 2016

Duration : 2 Months

Type : Conversions

What started an empty shell of a triple garage we managed to convert into a gym and spa, we also added a loft extension to create a further living space and decorated it as a Moroccan lounge.

As we were putting in a sauna and a steamroll it was very important to get the ventilation right otherwise there would be damp problems in the future. We assembled and sauna and steamroom and then made a ventilation hole in the back wall, we also used special flooring in the loft to make sure it would never be affected.

We used rubber flooring and put mirrors and a TV on the wall leaving the exposed original bricks and doors on one side to give it a trendy edge. We had to insulate this side as there were many cracks in the doors and we fitted an air conditioning unit.

The loft was constructed to hang from the roof and added a further 300sq ft of space. we created a bespoke wooden staircase with a dogleg to give more space and decorated the upstairs in the theme of a Moroccan lounge. All in all one of the most gorgeous perfect garage conversions I’ve ever seen.