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Bedroom in NN13

Project Cost : £ 5000 /-

Completed On : Mar, 2016

Duration : 15 Days

Type : Bedrooms

A difficult shaped loft room with slanted ceilings this was a challenge. We needed to create space for lots of clothes and a separate space for additional shoes. The bed needed to go in a space with a very slanted ceiling and the client didn’t have any idea how best to make good use of the space.

First we built a gorgeous 3 meter long wardrobe along the wall near the en-suite and added the sections as per the clients requirements, lots of hanging space and shelves, 6 cupboards in all.

At the back of that section of the room there was a small empty eves space, so I made a bespoke cupboard door and we added some shoe racks.

The complicated part was where the bed was going to go. It was my idea to build out a shelf away from the wall where the roof slanted down, allowing the couple to place their bed up against the new shelf and giving them a lot more headroom. It worked perfectly.

Once all the bespoke carpentry had been finishes was painted and carpeted the room and added a new floor in the en-suite. What at first had seemed like an impossible task to the client is now the perfect bedroom.